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White Chocolate Blend - Blendsmiths (Vegan Friendly)

White Chocolate Blend - Blendsmiths (Vegan Friendly)

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We love Blendsmiths drinks - our prime choice of all drinks non-coffee or tea at our roastery in Kendal.

Created using a base of luxurious Peruvian cocoa butter with Madagascan vanilla pods added throughout the process to round off the wonderful flavour, this White Hot Chocolate is the real deal, with no synthetic flavouring added - that's what we call champion.

Brewing Instructions: 8g per 100ml, mix with hot water and whisk in to a fluid paste, then mix with your choice of milk - we think this tastes really great with MoMa Barista Oat Milk!

Ingredients: Coconut Sugar, Coconut Milk Powder, Peruvian Cocoa Butter, Madagascan Vanilla Pods and Himalayan Salt.

Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan Friendly. 

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