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Uganda - Kyondo

Uganda - Kyondo

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In our first full year of roasting coffee; one of our most popular offerings all year was a delightfully full bodied Ugandan coffee from our importing partner and friends at Agri Evolve. 

This year, we've picked out two very special offerings, one a washed process, and the other, a natural process - both with differing yet complex flavour notes. We're going to kick off the first of the two with the natural, Kyondo. 

Kyondo is the name of one of the sub-counties of the Rwenzori National Mountain Park, where Agri Evolve is based; and have been working with farmers from Kyondo for the best part of the last five years, increasing quality, yield and establishing good buying practices, along with ethical trading. This particular community offering is the courtesy of 1280 smallholder producers in the area.

At Nyabirongo Washing Station; Kyondo is processed as a 'natural' process, meaning that it is sun-dried on raised cloth beds, allowing the cherry to imbue the raw green beans inside with plenty of rich flavours and a full-bodied mouthfeel - notes of dark chocolate and nougat are mostly prominent. We think Kyondo is great as an espresso or for stove top. 

Process: Natural

Location: Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Altitude: 1600 - 2000 MASL

Flavour Notes: Dark Chocolate, Nougat and Orange

SCA Score: 85

Varietal: Heirloom / SL14 / SL28


Agri Evolve is a social enterprise managed in the UK by Jonny, Beth and Martin Rowland (Martin is located less than 10 miles away from our roastery!). The aim of the project is educate farmers and new generation farmers, managing a green sustainable social project. You can read more about the work done at Agri Evolve and ACE 2030 here


For every kilogram of Kyondo we buy, 40p is donated automatically to local communities in the Rwenzori Mountains for their community fund to help with living standards and essential purchases.



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