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We are pleased to introduce, Ridgeline.

Ridgeline is designed to be our easy-drinking, classic flavour profile suitable for all brewing methods. If you've ever drank any of our selections from Brazil in the past, be it Pedra Azul, or Bom Jesus - Ridgeline is our permanent selection in our core range. 

To produce Ridgeline, we work with the small producer Sergio Texeira in the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil in the Ally network. Ally consistently invest in the region, working affiliated with the Alta Mogiana Growers Federation to work in accordance with the local labour practices, giving fixed salaries and bonuses and incentivising workers children to enrol in local schools. 

The Alta Mogiana region is well known to produce rich and heavy notes with big body; Ridgeline is curated to produce consistent notes of smooth sweet chocolate.


Process: Natural

Location: Santa Luisa e Bela Laura, Alta Mogiana

Altitude: 940 MASL

Flavour Notes: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar and Blood Orange

SCA Score: 86

Varietal: Obata

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