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Puqpress Mini - Automatic Espresso Tamper

Puqpress Mini - Automatic Espresso Tamper

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Sick of those sore wrists tamping coffee for your guests? Or your co-workers? Not anymore.

Puqpress were the first automatic espresso tamper to enter the market in 2015 and have revolutionised barista tamping since then, spawning multiple copies of their innovative product. Now, Puqpress have entered the home market too and given us the Puqpress Mini! 

Perfect for the home barista or in an office situation, using under 10kg of coffee per week, ensuring a flat and consistent tamp, every time. 


Manufactured in The Netherlands. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Suits 58mm-58.4mm baskets, including VST and precision baskets.
  • Cycle duration: 1.3 seconds
  • Adjustable pressure: 10-30kg of pressure
  • Cleaning available with one touch LCD
  • Adjustable clamp for different portafilters, via hex key
  • 4.8kg weight
  • 150mm Width x 125mm Depth x 220mm Height


Puqpress provide a two year warranty on their products for domestic customers, covering parts, any labour cost is covered by the customer. Wear and tear or misuse of the machine are not covered under the warranty, all care and instructions to use the machine are included upon purchase.

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