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Half-Punch - 50% Caffeine

Half-Punch - 50% Caffeine

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 Half-Punch is designed to be suitable for those slightly intolerant to caffeine or if you just want your caffeine fix to last a little bit longer through the day. 

We mix together 50% of our signature Brazil, for a punchy chocolate flavour - with our Brazil being fresh from the farm all year round, together with our seasonal chemical-free Decaffeinated offering, usually of Mountain Water or Sugarcane process; both sweet and light in flavour. This gives Half-Punch the 50% Caffeine, exactly what it says on the tin, but all the taste, what more could you ask?


Our current Half-Punch components:

50%: Brazil - Pedra Azul - Pulped Natural

50% Decaffeinated - Papua New Guinea - Sem Manmeri Kopi - Sugarcane Process

Flavour Notes: Chocolate, Macadamia and Brown Sugar


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