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Guatemala - Finca El Niagara

Guatemala - Finca El Niagara

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Finca El Niagara is back! 

We're delighted to be continuing our working relationship with our importing partner Caribbean Goods, founded by Javier Gutierrez - with this the second year we have bought from Finca El Niagara. 

Guatemalan coffee is incredibly well known across the globe and for good reason, down to it's high altitude and volcanic soil, producing rich and diverse coffee. 

The owner of Finca El Niagara is Mynor Daniel Zamora Salazar, previously an agricultural engineer - giving him a keen eye to detail and structure at his farm. Located in Fraijanes, in the valley of the volcano Jumaltepeque - giving rich soil minerals, perfect for speciality coffee. Mynor has steered the ship of Finca El Niagara since taking it on; one of the first changes he made at the farm, paying his workers a fair and respectable wage; especially as a speciality coffee farm, rather than a commodity one, this is one of the biggest parts of Mynor's project, sustainable living and fair treatment of his people.

Finca El Niagara is 100% Red Bourbon varietal, a natural mutation of coffea arabica, the name "Bourbon" hailing from the island now known as Reunion, a French colony off the coast of Madagascar. 


Process: Washed

Location: Fraijanes, Guatemala City

Altitude: 1730 MASL

Flavour Notes: Almond, Milk Chocolate and Seville Orange

SCA Score: 85

Varietal: Catisik

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