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Fellside Espresso Blend

Fellside Espresso Blend

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We're proud as punch to have developed our first ever blend, specifically designed for use as an espresso, but roasted light enough to use through your favourite filter brewing method too if desired.

Paying homage to Jonathan's first ever business, Fellside Coffee, we've designed this blend in a way that celebrates the taste of coffee that Jonathan used to serve outside in all weathers on the van, most well known outside St Mary's Church, Windermere, his hometown and just a few miles down the road from our Roastery in Kendal. 

We're currently using a pulped natural and a red honey process, both sustainably sourced, ethical coffees in our Fellside Espresso Blend, we will aim to have the same taste profile year-round, but may change the farm or lot in question from time to time due to speciality coffee seasonality.


60% Brazil - Pedra Azul

Pedra Azul is named after the nearby mountain to Corrego Capivara, the farm owned and operated by Uncle and Nephew duo Pedro Pin and Jeverson Pin, third and fourth generation farmers respectively - with the family history in coffee production starting back with Augustim Pin. Jeverson and Pedro share their love for coffee, 

Fazenda Corrego Capivara is in the Espirito Santo region of Brazil, famed for it's unique microclimate, giving coffee that is notable for it's full bodied, yet bright flavours. This particular lot is full of dark chocolate notes, rounded off by brown sugar sweetness and a hint of citrus, reminiscent of blood orange.

In Brazil, coffee cherries are picked mechanically for the most part, as with how large their farms are, picking by hand is unachievable - cherries are sorted by hand after picking.


40% Colombia - Aponte - Direct Trade

We source Aponte from a community of 200 small-scale producers in the Narino region, in the Aponte nature reserve, processed at a central washing station, as a 'Red Honey' process. Honey' is a farm of mild fermentation, where-in the coffee is semi-washed, where in mucilage is left on the bean before it is dried. This leads to mucilage sugars 'imbuing' the green bean with some of the more full-bodied flavours you expect from a natural process. 

Aponte is 100% Caturra varietal; originating in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, a natural mutation of Red Bourbon, with a higher yield and more resistant to plant disease.


Process: Pulped Natural and Red Honey

Location: Corrego Capivara, Espirito Santo and Aponte, Narino

Altitude: 940 - 1800 MASL

Flavour Notes: Milk Chocolate, Maple Syrup and Molasses

SCA Score: 85

Varietal: Yellow Catucai and Caturra

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