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Rwanda - Cyesha

Rwanda - Cyesha

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Rwanda has long been prized for it's production of speciality coffee, but has suffered some heartbreaking natural disasters in recent years - especially in the Nyamasheke District, where we are purchasing this coffee from; with flash floods and landslides leaving communities desperate. 

Despite the hardship, their coffee is as incredible as ever. The Muraho Trading Group run three washing stations in the Nyamasheke District; Cyesha, Gakenke and Nyabihu. We decided to go for this Washed process beauty from the Cyesha Station. 

Close to the shores of Lake Kivu, and with volcanic soil layered across most of the country (Rwanda has six dormant volcanoes and three active ones in the Virunga Mountain Range) - the perfect environment for crop growing is present, especially for speciality coffee, with highly fertile soil especially important to producing near-perfect ripe red cherries. 

Cherries are hand-sorted here before being floated to remove an outlying unripe cherries or debris, followed by a short washed fermentation and traditional ceremonial 'foot-stomping' on the parchment (often see in wine production).

We get notes of Raspberry, Apple and Cinnamon from Cyesha; a fruity number, with a sweet finish, pour-over is the definite destination for this coffee.


Process: Washed

Location: Cyesha Washing Station, Nyamasheke District 

Altitude: 1460 -1720 MASL

Flavour Notes: Raspberry, Apple and Cinnamon

SCA Score: 86

Varietal: Red Bourbon 

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