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Panama - Finca Hartmann

Panama - Finca Hartmann

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As part of our celebration of being open for just over a year now; we've decided to bring something incredibly special to the table; Finca Hartmann.

Over the years, Ash and Jonathan have both tasted a vast array of coffee from various friends and industry colleagues. A few years ago, Ash tasted what he can only describe as "one of the best coffee's he has ever had" - it only seemed right that we did our best to source coffee from said farm in Panama, from the Hartmann family.

Finca Hartmann is a relatively big farm (for Panama), with 60 hectares of land, and 43 salaried employees. What is special about Finca Hartmann is the vast array of micro-lots on the farm, all using different varietals, processing and methodology to create taste profiles across the spectrum! Panama in general is also seen as a bit of rising star in speciality coffee production, due to the ideal combination of volcanic soil, rainfall and high altitude.

The Hartmann family now running the farm is the second generation of owners. Initially bought from Ratibor Hartmann in 1962, it is now being run by Ratibor himself, his wife and his five children. The farm has always been strategic in the fact that it is surrounded and bordered by the Parque Nacional de La Amistad, (a national rainforest). Everything at Finca Hartmann is shade grown, with a priority given to conservation. The Hartmann family refrains from tree cutting and is also replanting native species, hoping to create a healthy ecosystem around their crop.

For this particular microlot, we've gone for a natural process. After picking, the coffee cherry is sun-dried on a raised bed, imbuing the bean with sugars whilst the cherry peels off naturally. We've decided to pick out a Maragogype varietal, also known as "the elephant bean" - this varietal is especially rare in itself, originating in Brazil (first discovered in 1870), it gives great sweetness with low acidity. Maragogype is known as "the elephant bean" due to it's size, roughly double to the average coffee bean! 

We'd recommend this for all brewing methods, sweet and subtle through filter, whilst complex and fruity through espresso - this is not to be missed! Notes of wine gums, peach and papaya.


Process: Natural

Location: Santa Clara, Chiriqui

Altitude: 1250 - 1600 MASL

Flavour Notes: Wine Gums, Peach and Papaya

SCA Score: 87

Varietal: Maragogype

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