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IMS 58mm Ridgeless Filter Basket - E61 - 16g / 20g

IMS 58mm Ridgeless Filter Basket - E61 - 16g / 20g

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Filter baskets are one of the most key and important aspects of brewing espresso. The IMS filter baskets are precision lasered, to allow more points of contact between water and ground coffee to pass through your handle and give a more even extraction. 

This particular basket is ridgeless; giving your tamping equipment a clearer path to the coffee; making a flat tamp, more achievable. It is 58mm and fits an E61 grouphead.

Please check the height of your portafilter before purchase, as the height of this basket may not fit all handles. 26mm height. 


Handwash only or soak and rinse in Cafetto Evo Espresso Machine Cleaner. 

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