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Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister

Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister

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Fellow's Atmos vacuum canisters are market leading in home coffee storage. Atmos technology banishes all air, moisture and odours when the integrated vacuum system is activated, all you need to do is twist the lid, wait for the green ring marker dot on the lid, and watch the magic happen. Using Atmos will increase your coffee's shelf life up to 50% than in the bag - we'll even throw in 250g of our single origin coffee for you to try it out. 

The Atmos is completely airtight thanks to its odour free silicon seal, featuring an easy release button on the top to bring air pressure back to normal whenever access is required. 

This canister will up to 450g of coffee beans. Not suitable for ground coffee, as it will clog the vacuum system. (Warranty will be voided)

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