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Ethiopia - Megadu

Ethiopia - Megadu

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On the back of an incredibly successful first Ethiopian offering, we're delighted to bring Megadu to the table.

Ethiopia holds a special place in a lot of speciality coffee hearts, being hailed as the birthplace of coffee, very often associated with the great story of Kaldi the goat herder. 

Megadu is sourced from a single farm in the Guji zone, a rarity in Ethiopia, as usually, most coffee is sourced from community projects or known in country as a 'Kebele'. The owners of the farm, are a husband and wife duo, Dawit and Hester - founders of the Bette Buna exporting company, creating equal opportunities for farmers in the region to work for them and produce high quality speciality coffee, earning a living wage as a salary, with job security and other commitments such as transport to work or housing, work meals, and satellite education in schools for kids of the workers. A true example of exemplary care in an often deprived region. 

This offering underwent natural processing, hand-picked prior from the semi-forest plots before being placed on raised cloth beds to dry out naturally for 3-5 weeks depending on moisture content and humidity. This natural processing produces an enriched sugar coating on the beans, creating complex heavy fruit notes, perfect for pour-over and other filter methods, while remaining suitable for espresso too due to it being an omni-roast.


Process: Natural

Location: Bette Buna, Guji

Altitude: 2100 MASL

Flavour Notes: Strawberry, Apple and Mango

SCA Score: 86

Varietal: 74112 and Enat Buna

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