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Decaf - Papua New Guinea - Sem Manmeri Kopi - Sugarcane Process

Decaf - Papua New Guinea - Sem Manmeri Kopi - Sugarcane Process

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Decaf is often an overlooked part of any coffee roaster's selection, but is an incredibly important part of our selection here. We source Decaffeinated offerings only using natural sources to remove caffeine from their coffee this decaf is 99.9% caffeine free and chemical free too.

Sem Manmeri Kopi is a small holder community lot, from the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea - using a strict ripeness criteria to pick only the ripest (not over or under) cherries before moving onto processing, sun-dried and then washed at the Goroka processing mill. 

The Sugarcane Process is an often overlooked process in the market, however, is a particular favourite of ours, due to the lack of carbon footprint and chemical free qualities. Caffeine is removed using a mixture of sugarcane and water, enhancing sweetness while keeping the original characteristics - this is done by a mixture of steaming and submerging the green coffee in spring water, using a recycling system to reuse all the water in the process. The caffeine extracted is sent off to be used in other products.


Process: Washed - Sugarcane Process

Location: Goroka, Eastern Highlands

Altitude: 1600 - 1850 MASL

Flavour Notes: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar and Pecan

SCA Score: 84

Varietal: Blue Mountain and Bourbon

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