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Brazil - Fernando Naimeg

Brazil - Fernando Naimeg

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Our current signature Brazil, we are delighted to present Fernando Naimeg's Fazenda Londrina.

Fernando Naimeg is the owner and lead producer of Fazenda Londrina, with his family 'the Naimeg group' owning two other small farms in the vicinity, Bela Vista and Ouro Verde - initially setup by his grandfather Gerson Naimeg after emmigrating from Germany in the 1950's.

Catuai was made by the Instituto Agronomico (IAC) of Sao Paulo State in Campinas, Brazil by crossing Mundo Novo and Caturra varieties. Catuai coffees are cultivated widely across Brazil, and are known for their high productivity potential. In Brazil, coffee cherries are picked mechanically for the most part, as with how large their farms are, picking by hand is unachievable - cherries are sorted by hand after picking.

This offering from Fernando Naimeg is full of dark chocolate notes, with a hint of brown sugar sweetness, making this the perfect espresso, but also suitable for filter brew style.


Process: Natural

Location: Minas Gerais, Cerrado Mineiro

Altitude: 1150  MASL

Flavour Notes: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar and Honey

SCA Score: 84

Varietal: Red Catuai 

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